CASE STUDY - Recruitment at EVRY

More effective talent acquisition with gamification

EVRY has adopted game-based assessment as a way of screening candidates when recruiting, making the process more time-efficient and increasing diversity.

EVRY’s game-based recruitment solution is attracting significant interest in the market and companies such as Storebrand, Norsk Gjenvinning and a Swedish recruitment company have started using it.

In order to develop and deliver good IT services, EVRY needs to have the right expertise, but in a world in which digitalisation is progressing at record speed, skilled IT people are very much in demand. In order to stay ahead in the battle for talent, EVRY has become the first organisation in the Nordic region to adopt robotics and game-based assessment for job applicants.

Game-based assessment

Candidates who apply for a job at EVRY are asked to download an app containing a game. When the candidate plays the game, a robot gathers and analyses information on the player. Over the course of the 45 minutes that the game takes, the robot collects 5 000 data points. It then analyses how the player reasons when solving complex problems, how quickly he or she learns new things, and how he or she scores on mathematical understanding. The game is both an aptitude and a personality test. This means that EVRY can test hundreds of applicants before reading their applications and CVs. This approach to recruitment means that EVRY can test all the applicants and does not risk missing skilled candidates because their CVs do not reflect their true abilities.

The test results can, for example, show that a candidate is a 92 percent match to the profile for one type of position at the company, a 79 percent match for another, and a 22 percent match for a third. If a candidate applies for a role for which he or she is not a sufficiently good match, this does not mean that he or she is of no interest. EVRY can explain to the candidate that his or her profile is a good match for a different position.

“Diversity is important for innovation and we need to be innovative. But we tend to recruit people who are like ourselves. Game-based assessment reduces the subjective dimension of recruitment.”

Trond Vinje


More diversity

The game-based assessment solution compares each candidate with the other candidates regardless of gender, ethnicity, personal beliefs or other factors. The solution has thus contributed to the proportion of women at EVRY increasing in recent years. The industry average is only 24 percent, but at EVRY around 40 percent of new graduates who have been recruited using the new solution are women. Using gaming technology in recruitment is positively received by job applicants and an impressive 70 percent of candidates say that it made them more interested in working at EVRY.

“Gamification has helped us test more than 2500 candidates over the last 18 months. Using robotics in recruitment ensures we do not miss talented candidates because their CVs do not reflect their true abilities.”

Jeanette Louise Rønne

Head of Emerging Tech

Project results:

  • 50 % better quality of new hires
  • 26 % reduction in costs
  • 92 % positive experience rate
  • 40 % proportion of women