Get the basics right

From transaction-based to value-based services

EVRY worked in a targeted way on further strengthening the company’s commercial foundation in 2018. Organisational measures were implemented to ensure EVRY delivers as effectively as possible on customers’ future digital needs, and work was undertaken to further boost the company’s organic growth.

Application services were the main driver of growth in 2018, but EVRY also experienced very positive momentum within its consultancy business. The demand for digital consultancy services is high, and EVRY demonstrated its position in the Nordic market in 2018, as in this period it initiated and completed a number of consulting projects in emerging technologies and digital growth areas.

EVRY worked on a range of growth initiatives in 2018, focused on expertise development and resource use, and further developed and strengthened its culture of performance. EVRY has defined three key strategic focus areas for delivering on the company’s ambitious targets and equipping it for further organic growth:

  • Setting up a management team focusing on commercial and operational capabilities
  • Building a profitable, competitive and future-oriented infrastructure
  • Developing the company’s core banking platform to create future growth potential

Since 2015 EVRY has worked on getting the basics right and achieving operational excellence. Over this period, EVRY has cut one layer of management, created an asset-light and Capex-light organisation through partnerships, and decreased its internal complexity. EVRY has also worked on customer centricity and on developing its employees to create a more flexible and agile organisation. In recent years EVRY has become a more customer-centric organisation with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In 2018 EVRY worked on getting the basics right and achieving operational excellence.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

At EVRY, corporate social responsibility is a question of how we recruit and look after our employees, how our expertise and solutions have a positive impact on society, and of ensuring that our activities are responsible and environmentally friendly. EVRY’s corporate social responsibility is based on competence, diversity and the environment. EVRY is committed to being a leading generator of competence in technology where technologists receive further training – and to making a positive contribution to society. We focus on diversity, which is positive for individuals, our company and society, and we develop and deliver digital solutions that benefit the environment.

At EVRY, corporate social responsibility is a question of how we recruit and look after our employees, how our competence and solutions have a positive impact on society, and of ensuring that our activities are responsible and environmentally friendly.


EVRY is committed to promoting equality and diversity and to fostering a culture that actively values difference and recognises that people with different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the workplace and enhance the way we work. Diversity is an important part of shaping our culture as a company and makes us a better decision-maker. Innovation often builds on a variety of perspectives from different people with different types of background. The foundation of our Nordic heritage and values is being a transparent and open community with room for all kinds of difference. Being a diverse company improves our employer brand and our attractiveness as an employer.

EVRY aims to be an inclusive organization where diversity is valued, respected and built upon, and where we are well-equipped to recruit and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the markets in which EVRY operates. Important elements of this framework include the measures EVRY has in place to provide equality of opportunity and the facilities that it can provide to its diverse workforce and job applicants.

Our policy on diversity and equality is set out in our Code of Conduct, which states that: “EVRY shall be a good and professional place of work with an inclusive working environment. You shall therefore behave with respect and integrity towards anyone you meet through your work. You shall help create an environment free from any form of discrimination, whether on grounds of religion, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability. You shall also help ensure the working environment is free from bullying, harassment and the like. We do not tolerate any behaviour that could be perceived as degrading or threatening”.

As a company, we need to reflect the societies in which we operate and the markets to which we deliver our services and products.


We are building the weight of expertise needed to digitalise the Nordic region. By developing our employees’ expertise, we can deliver comprehensive, future-oriented solutions that benefit key sections of business and industry as well as society as a whole.

We are a knowledge business, so access to leading technology expertise is business-critical for us. We therefore recruit a large number of new graduates who develop their expertise through work on internal and external projects.

This builds competence both at the individual level and in public and private companies.


EVRY’s diversity needs to reflect the diversity of society if everyone is to benefit from digitalisation. At EVRY, new grads and long-serving employees work together. We believe that diversity and complementary expertise create a better working environment, facilitate learning, lead to better solutions and increase value creation.

We focus on attracting employees from different backgrounds who have a wide range of different expertise, and this is reflected in the fact we have employees from numerous different countries spread across eleven countries including the USA.

EVRY is one of the largest employers of women in IT in the Nordic region. The company has approximately 2 600 female employees (~30 percent), which is above the industry average. The proportion of female managers is the same as the proportion of female employees. In 2018, 40 percent of the new graduates we recruited were women.

Environmentally sustainable:

EVRY is an important driving force for digitalisation and uses technology to contribute to solutions that reduce the climate footprint of public and private companies.

We are a major provider to business and industry, the financial sector, and public-sector organisations active at the national and local government level and in healthcare. Our digital solutions help our customers to reduce their emissions.

We have used environmentally-friendly technology to set up one of the world’s most sustainable data centres, which ensures that the solutions EVRY provides are operated in as energy-efficient a manner as possible.

Responsibility and sustainability in the supply chain

EVRY requires its suppliers to act in accordance with high ethical standards and sets similarly high standards for its employees’ interaction with suppliers. The company’s procurement policy and processes are intended to ensure its employees adhere to the principles of equality, fair competition, anti-corruption and transparency when interfacing with suppliers.

Those suppliers that form part of EVRY’s supply chain, both in Norway and internationally, have to undertake to comply with the guidelines set by the company in a number of areas, namely human rights, a responsible working environment as embodied in the International Labour Organisation’s declaration, HSE, work against human trafficking, anti-corruption, social responsibility and working for a sustainable environment. By signing the EVRY Supplier Conduct Principles, suppliers commit to complying with these principles and also to mirroring them to their sub-suppliers. EVRY has strict environmental requirements in relation to recycling, cleaning, low energy consumption and environmental certification. Environmental criteria are an important factor when contracts are being awarded. EVRY subscribes to an international database that requires suppliers to renew their qualifications every year by confirming in detail that their practices comply with and satisfy specific guidelines and principles. This is used to provide periodic reporting.

Based on an assessment of the risk associated with the industry and the market or continent in which a company operates, EVRY has a mandate to carry out a more in-depth audit. Under EVRY’s contractual terms, serious breaches of its guidelines give it the right to terminate an agreement with a supplier.

Risk-reduction measures

It is important for EVRY to have a good overview of risk threats and new opportunities from risk assessments. The overall objective of risk management at EVRY is to identify and quantify risks and to use this information as the basis for correct decision making. Risk management is an integral part of the company’s management model and of its financial reporting. The key areas of risk are monitored as part of the executive management’s routine monitoring of EVRY’s business areas and key financial metrics. In operational terms, the company’s objective is to integrate systematic risk management into the Group’s business processes, as well as to support its customers with their risk management.

EVRY has established a risk management system in order to support the risk management process and ensure traceability and aggregation of risk threats and new opportunities. In addition to producing aggregated risk reporting, this system provides detailed information and measures to reduce unacceptable risk and to identify new opportunities. This helps line management to follow up on the status of measures that have been implemented and to propose activities to manage risks.


EVRY’s Code of Conduct sets the framework for how each employee should relate to customers and business partners, work to create a good and inclusive working environment, ensure diversity and promote sustainability by minimising their carbon footprint. The Code of Conduct is available on the Group’s website and intranet. Managers and employees of all levels in the company must sign and confirm their adherence with the Code of Conduct annually in connection with their appraisals.


EVRY works actively to combat all forms of corruption. Courses are organised to ensure employees are trained to act in accordance with the Group’s guidelines.

The Code of Conduct also includes guidelines on accepting gifts, reimbursement payments and other benefits or activities. How to distance oneself from all forms of bribery and corruption is also part of the training.

The compliance function works proactively to increase awareness and to develop the right attitudes among employees in order to ensure compliance. Employees in doubt whether a particular situation or gift is permissible are also able to seek guidance from the company’s compliance function. EVRY has a well-established ‘whistle-blower’channel as well as procedures for dealing with any suspicion of corruption.

We have specific gender balance targets:

> At least 40% of all employees to be women by 2025

> At least 50% of all employees to be women by 2028

> The proportion of women in EVRY’s leadership team shall at all times be at least the same as the proportion of female employees at the company in general

> Excel at recruiting women, building on our success in graduate recruitment, to ensure there are final candidates of both genders when recruiting internally and externally. All open positions shall be announced to all staff

> Ensure at least one female successor is identified for all management positions by 2020

We want to reflect our global markets and industries:

> EVRY will ensure that as many nationalities and cultures are represented among its employees as possible

> We will support internal mobility across national and business-related structures

> Talent acquisition will be based on a global talent pool

A good blend of ages and levels of experience is good for business:

> Continue with and excel at recruitment of graduates and young professionals

> Ensure we combine different levels and types of experience and different areas of expertise and industry knowledge with up-to-date expertise on emerging technologies

We want to be an inclusive employer:

> Establish and run activities for people with physical disabilities and other related challenges

> Recruit employees from institutions and partners with a focus on integrating refugees and people with disabilities