Get the basics right

Platform for future growth

EVRY worked in a targeted way on further strengthening the company’s commercial foundation in 2017. Organisational measures were implemented to deliver as effectively as possible on customers’ future digital needs, and work was undertaken on setting up a culture for growth.

We worked on a range of growth initiatives in 2017, focused on expertise development and resource use, and further developed and strengthened our culture of performance. EVRY has defined three key strategies for delivering on the company’s ambitious targets and equipping it for further organic growth:

  • Setting up a management team focusing on commercial and operational capabilities
  • Building a profitable, competitive and future-oriented infrastructure
  • Modernising the company’s core banking platform to create future growth potential

EVRY delivered on all three of these areas in 2017. The EVRY executive team reflects the company’s targets and ambitions well. In order to be an attractive partner to customers and to deliver growth, EVRY also worked on attracting new talent, and a range of skilled people joined in 2017 in both new technology areas and management roles. The company’s strategic IT infrastructure partnerships were further strengthened and expanded in 2017. EVRY offers reliable and future-oriented infrastructure solutions, and as an independent provider of cloud solutions it is committed to delivering the solution that best suits each customer. Its investment in next-generation core banking and payment solutions continued in 2017. EVRY is working in a targeted way on building a customer-centric core banking solution that enables banks to respond more quickly to change and to be quicker to market with new value- adding services.

In 2017 we focused on expertise development and resource use, and further developed and strengthened our culture of performance.

New delivery unit to accelerate innovation and collaboration

EVRY decided to set up a new business area in 2017, EVRY Digital Platform Services, by bringing together EVRY Operations, Cloud Services and Global Delivery into a single unit. The objective is to make EVRY a driver for new and future-oriented services with scalability across all industries. Setting up the unit was an important step in terms of strengthening EVRY’s position as an innovative and customer-centric organisation.

EVRY Digital Platform Services seeks to contribute to accelerated organic growth by investing in expertise and solutions that create significant value for customers. The unit will be a powerful Nordic unit at the cutting edge of EVRY's  service development in strategic areas such as cognitive technology. Through this strategy, EVRY will be able to quickly enter the market in other attractive growth areas as these develop.

A cloud-based delivery model and infrastructure services give EVRY a unique platform to achieve this. EVRY Digital Platform Services will work to set up new partnerships with world-leading companies and to develop those that are already in place. The unit will work closely with all business areas at EVRY and across countries, and will consequently span the entire group.

Continuous improvement is an important part of EVRY’s corporate management system. Customer feedback on quality is measured and monitored via dedicated customer surveys. EVRY also has a separate process for customer complaints, as part of which reports are produced for senior managers. In 2017, EVRY’s systematic quality work delivered good results, with a reduction seen in the total number of critical incidents.

Risk-reduction measures

It is important for EVRY to have good oversight and control of risk exposure, as well as the ability to apply this when making management decisions. The overall objective of risk management at EVRY is to identify and quantify risks. This provides a basis for correct decision making. Carefully considering the company’s risk exposure during decision-making processes enables risk control and risk management to form part of value creation. Risk management is an integral part of the company’s management model and of its financial reporting. The key areas of risk that the business units consider to be material are monitored as part of the executive management’s routine supervision of the business areas and key financial metrics.

In operational terms, the company’s objective is to integrate systematic risk management into the Group’s business processes, as well as to support its customers in the risk management they carry out in relation to their value chains and value constellations. EVRY has established a risk management system in order to support the risk management process and ensure traceability and aggregation of various risk exposures. In addition to producing aggregated risk reporting, this system provides detailed information on vulnerabilities, which risks the vulnerabilities affect and what measures the organisation has implemented to reduce unacceptable risk exposure. This helps line management to follow up on the status of measures that are implemented, with ready access to information on prioritised tasks.

EVRY is certified in accordance with the following standards:

ISO 9001; 2015    
EVRY Norway  2018 – 09 
EVRY Digital Platform Services  2018 – 11 
EVRY Financial Services Operations  2019 – 11 
EVRY IOS Enterprise  2020 – 01 
ISO 27001; 2013   
EVRY Norway  2018 – 11 
EVRY Digital Platform Services  2018 – 11 
EVRY Financial Services Operations  2019 – 11 
EVRY IOS Enterprise  2020 – 01 
ISO 14001; 2015   
EVRY AB ( Including IOS Enterprise, Information Logistics, Financial Services )  2018 – 11 
EVRY Financial Services  Updates regularly 


EVRY’s Code of Conduct sets the framework for how each employee should relate to customers and business partners, work to create a good and inclusive working fellowship, ensure diversity and contribute to achieving high environmental standards. The Code of Conduct is available on the Group’s website and intranet. Managers and employees of all levels at the company read through the Code of Conduct each year in connection with their appraisal meetings.


EVRY works actively to combat all forms of corruption. E-learning programs and training courses are organised to ensure employees are trained to act in accordance with the Group’s guidelines. This applies in relation to the guidelines on accepting gifts and on travel and other benefits or activities, with training also provided on how to distance oneself from all forms of bribery and corruption. The compliance unit at the company works proactively to increase awareness and to develop the right attitudes among employees in order to ensure compliance. Employees in doubt about whether a particular situation or gift is permissible are also able to seek guidance from the company’s compliance unit. 

EVRY has well-established ‘whistle-blower’ arrangements as well as procedures for dealing with any suspicion of corruption at its businesses. EVRY received several whistle-blower notifications in 2017, none of which related to corruption.

Responsibility and sustainability in the supply chain

EVRY requires its suppliers to act in accordance with high ethical standards and sets similarly high standards for its employees’ interaction with suppliers. The company’s procurement policy and processes are intended to ensure its employees adhere to the principles of equality, fair competition, anti-corruption and transparency when interfacing with suppliers. 

Those suppliers that form part of EVRY’s supply chain, both in Norway and internationally, have to undertake to comply with the guidelines set by the company in a number of areas, namely human rights, a responsible working environment as embodied in the International Labour Organisation’s declaration, HSE, work against human trafficking, anti-corruption, social responsibility and working for a sustainable environment. By signing the EVRY Supplier Conduct Principles, suppliers commit to complying with these principles and also to mirroring them to their sub-suppliers. 

EVRY has strict environmental requirements in relation to recycling, cleaning, low energy consumption and environmental certification. Environmental criteria are an important factor when contracts are being awarded. EVRY subscribes to an international database that requires suppliers to renew their qualifications every year by confirming in detail that their practices comply with and satisfy specific guidelines and principles. This is used to provide periodic reporting. 

Based on an assessment of the risk associated with the industry and the market or continent in which a company operates, EVRY has a mandate to carry out a more in-depth audit. Under EVRY’s contractual terms, serious breaches of its guidelines give it the right to terminate an agreement with a supplier.

Intellectual property

EVRY’s intellectual property includes copyright-protected logos, brands, domain names, trade secrets, databases and proprietary source code. The company’s brands are registered with the Norwegian Industrial Patent Office and are thus protected in accordance with applicable copyright law. 

EVRY’s name and logo are registered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Latvia, Ukraine and India. The name of and logo for EVRY’s “Digital Advantage” value proposition are registered in Norway and have been submitted for registration in other jurisdictions where EVRY’s name is registered. EVRY also owns the BEKK Consulting brand. The Buypass brand is owned through a joint venture with Norsk Tipping.