Customer centricity

Closer to customers and industries

EVRY works continuously on being a customer-centric company and a business partner for its customers’ digital needs. In 2018 it worked intensively on developing new digital services in close dialogue with its customers and is delivering services higher up in the value stack.

Today’s market is becoming much more complex. To really deliver business value, customers must pick and choose from the options offered by the technological landscape, such as virtual reality, chatbots, robotics and artificial intelligence. This has had some impact on customer behaviour, with customers moving away from large projects to instead leverage new technology on top of existing processes and technologies. This is leading to smaller projects of higher value that deliver a quicker return on investment. Customers also want more agility, more flexibility and faster rewards.

In 2018 EVRY made progress at leveraging the company’s Nordic strength and worked to a great extent across national borders in order to operate on a larger scale. EVRY has worked in a more integrated way, and going forward will capitalise on the uniqueness of being a Nordic company with a local presence that can handle customer data safely and securely in the Nordic region.

Business partner for customers

In 2018 EVRY worked on shifting its focus from transaction-based IT services to value-based services that offer greater profitability, and it also made progress in terms of becoming a business partner for its customers. EVRY’s knowledge of business, technology, customers and markets is enabling new value creation.

Today the EVRY executive team reflects the company’s targets and ambitions well. In order to be an attractive partner to customers and to deliver growth, EVRY also worked on attracting new talent, and a range of skilled people joined in 2018 in both new technology areas and management roles.

In 2018 EVRY increased its focus on widening the range and depth of its industry expertise and has made progress in terms of becoming a business partner for its customers.

New partnerships

EVRY is seeing more customers seeking different kinds of partnership, such as partnerships involving multiple customers working together with vendors like EVRY and partnerships involving multiple vendor constellations delivering value to the market. Many customers also want to bring work back from offshore, initially to a local Nordic market due to the fact that you can now automate things and make them more efficient locally.

EVRY has created a new partnership model which involves the company sourcing a lot of partner components for its value propositions from both big global partners and a large number of niche partners. This transformation has led to EVRY winning projects in areas for which it was not even invited to submit a proposal two years ago.

Expanding our product offerings

EVRY continuously works to expand its product offerings and to enter new market segments. An example of the way in which we are working to expand and bundle our services with existing products is EVRY’s debt register, which is to say that EVRY has been granted authorisation to operate an information register for the purposes of collecting and distributing debt information from credit cards and other forms of unsecured consumer debt. The purpose of the debt register is to help prevent private households from running into debt problems by giving banks and other providers of credit the opportunity to check how much credit and consumer debt a borrower already has. The number of consumer banks is growing and it is increasingly easy to take out short-term consumer loans, and the register may help financial companies to take better decisions in relation to issuing loans to private consumers.

EVRY has wide-ranging expertise and experience in managing public registers that contain sensitive data. The debt register is a natural development in this regard, and it will allow EVRY to deliver information in real-time based on efficient infrastructure and existing market channels. EVRY will deliver high-quality services with an emphasis on both security and privacy.

Value-added services

It is crucial for EVRY to be close to its customers. This is important to our ability to develop value-adding services that enable our customers to offer their customers more attractive products and services as well as a better user experience. EVRY is committed to focusing the company’s resources on what creates customer value. The digital shift currently taking place is creating a whole range of opportunities. This is leaving many customers unsure about what they should and can do. Against this backdrop, EVRY wants to be a high-quality advisor. To succeed in the new “digital world” where technology is the key to innovation, EVRY needs to continuously focus on skills and diversity. Skills are the backbone of the company and in 2018 EVRY hired more than 800 new employees in Norway and Sweden. The key to EVRY’s future success is a workforce that is well balanced in terms of its members' backgrounds, expertise, experience, age and gender. The company therefore needs to be at the forefront of developments in technology and close to its customers. EVRY is committed to dialogue with its customers on their terms, with the starting point of identifying what digital opportunities are available to them.

Industry expertise

EVRY has in-depth insight into its customers’ industry segments. In 2018 it increased its focus on widening the range and depth of its industry expertise, with a target of offering leading comprehensive solutions that are adapted to each industry. EVRY has taken those industry areas in which it is particularly skilled and has worked on further strengthening them. Over a period of many years EVRY has built up significant expertise in the banking sector and has had a lot of success in this market. Inspired by this success, EVRY has started work on building more strong industry segments, and its ambition is to become the leading player in the Nordic region in terms of its expertise and solutions. In the public and healthcare sectors, EVRY already has a strong position that it is building on further. The company will also have a significant focus on retail and logistics, industrial and service companies, and small and medium-sized businesses.

A consulting powerhouse

We streamlined our Consulting Services unit in 2018 by consolidating its 64 areas of expertise into the following seven areas: Digital Experience, Business Consulting, Business Applications, Cloud & Infrastructure, Application Innovation, Security & Risk, and Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Insight. This has created a much better and more customer-oriented organisation and represents an important step towards becoming a consulting powerhouse that combines business strategy, design thinking and technology. EVRY is one of the largest consulting companies in the Nordic region and we have set ourselves a target of being the leading company in the Nordic region for digital transformation consulting services.

End-to-end provider

EVRY’s Application Services unit addresses customers’ need for business solutions by implementing and running systems that are developed by the Group or based upon third-party vendor software. The combination of EVRY’s Application Services unit with EVRY’s Digital Platform Services unit, which provides in-depth technical competence and expertise in digitalisation, IT infrastructure and cloud-based delivery models, means EVRY is an end-to-end provider of IT services.

The importance of EVRY’s deliveries to society

EVRY is the force behind a whole range of solutions that are critical to the operations of private sector companies and municipal and national public-sector organisations. Over five million people in the Nordics use services delivered by EVRY every day. With customer deliveries of such great importance to society, we depend on having close relationships with our customers and on operating reliable, high-quality systems and processes. EVRY pays great attention to its relationships with its customers, its role in society, the environment and its employees. EVRY’s customers can be confident that the services they use are provided by a sustainable and reliable company.

Making customers more environmentally friendly

With the UN’s sustainable development goals as its starting point, EVRY works in a targeted way on reducing the company’s impact on the environment. EVRY’s most important contribution to climate change is achieved when it digitalises and collaborates on projects at its customers. With more than 10 000 customers, the contribution it makes in this way is significant. EVRY digitalises its customers’ business processes and provides environmentally friendly solutions that have a positive effect on its customers’ impact on the environment. EVRY’s contribution particularly relates to reducing paper usage and travel and transport. In addition to solutions that help create a low-carbon society, EVRY delivers solutions that facilitate increased participation in democratic processes, promote inclusion, and help improve health.