About EVRY

Main features in 2017

19 december 2017

Vipps and EVRY enter into a strategic collaboration in relation to Vipps Invoice in order to enable private individuals to use the Vipps app instead of physical invoices.

12 december 2017

Systembolaget renews its collaboration with EVRY and sets ambition of transitioning from traditional IT solutions to cloud-based platforms.

7 december 2017

EVRY’s cloud-based data centre in Fet satisfies high international quality requirements and obtains Tier 3 Certification from the Uptime Institute.

27 november 2017

SBanken chooses EVRY for another five years, entering into a comprehensive agreement that will see EVRY deliver online banking and next-generation core banking solutions.

2 october 2017

The Fjellinjen toll road company starts using EVRY robots to automate the 50,000 email enquiries it receives annually.

11 september 2017

Aktia Bank enters into an agreement covering the entire card payment value chain.

31 august 2017

EVRY’s Cloud Services, Operations and Global Delivery units are brought together to form a new business area, Digital Platform Services.

10 july 2017

Statoil enters into a five-year framework agreement that includes the purchase of consulting services, including in data science and analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and the internet of things.

4 july 2017

Having been a key partner in the development of the Azure Stack private cloud platform, EVRY becomes one of the first companies in the world to offer the solution.

21 june 2017

21 June: EVRY is admitted to listing on the Oslo stock exchange. One of the largest IPOs in the Nordics in 2017.

12 june 2017

Artificial intelligence used to provide better and more proactive customer service.

12 june 2017

Large-scale recruitment campaign carried out to attract new IT graduates to EVRY in Norway and Sweden. Approximately 420 candidates apply for 100 positions.

20 march 2017

Sweden’s central bank extends its collaboration with EVRY, which will continue to manage the bank's IT infrastructure.

1 february 2017

AI-based solution launched, with the municipalities of Bodø and Kongsberg the first customers.

2 january 2017

EVRY and Rancher Labs enter into a long-term partnership to develop and implement container services and accelerate use of DevOps in the Nordic region.

2 january 2017

Landshypotek Bank enters into an agreement to simplify and improve the efficiency of the bank’s loan management processes.