Our framework

A repositioned EVRY

EVRY adopted a new business plan in 2015 to adapt the company to the market and to position itself for growth and development. It continues to operate this business plan today, which has four action areas: Get the basics right, Operational excellence, Customer centricity, and Employee engagement & culture. A fifth area is Innovation, which is an integral part of the other areas.

We have built our reporting on these areas. EVRY seeks to have a customer-centric and partner-driven approach, and a corporate culture that supports innovation and collaboration. In order to direct this approach, the company’s employees follow “the three Cs”:

Customer-centricity: We understand and anticipate customers’ current and future needs, helping them successfully navigate digital transformation and excel in business.

Culture: We share our energy, curiosity and ideas to foster innovation, attracting talented people and enabling the most diversified and competent teams.

Collaboration: We leverage cross-functional industry and technology insights in collaboration with customers and strategic partners to increase our expertise and create value.

Key activities in 2018:

  • EVRY succeeded in internationalising its ATM and core banking and payment solutions.
  • Inspired by the success of EVRY Financial Services, a greater focus on specific Nordic industries was implemented under the following groupings: Public & Health, Retail & Logistics, Industry & Services, and SMEs.
  • EVRY streamlined its consultancy business from 64 areas of expertise to 7 areas, and is building a consulting powerhouse.
  • EVRY created business outcomes by delivering “innovation as a service” in close collaboration with customers and partners.
  • EVRY strengthened and expanded its capabilities in cognitive analytics, enterprise search and health technology by acquiring Findwise and Exonor.
  • EVRY introduced a more standardised and automated product offering with scalable and repeatable solutions.
  • The billable utilisation rate for EVRY’s consultants increased for external projects, while internal spending on consultants decreased.
  • EVRY reduced critical errors.

  • EVRY won or renewed major contracts with customers such as Handelsbanken Finland, Geldmaat in the Nederlands, SpareBank1, DNB, Bankgirot, Bankomat, Swedbank Norway, Landkreditt Bank, Storebrand, Gassco and the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.
  • EVRY’s order backlog stabilised at a strong, sustainable level of NOK 19.4 billion at year end.
  • EVRY systemised and targeted its recruitment of talented graduates and personnel with new expertise and capabilities.

Business goals

2018 results

2017 results

2016 results

2015 results

Measuring, verifying and managing carbon emissions in both direct operations and supply chains.

Carbon Disclosure Project Score: A

Carbon Disclosure Project Score: A-

Carbon Disclosure Project Score: A

Carbon Disclosure Project Score: 97

Leverage our extensive customer base and strong portfolio of products and services across all business areas to further accelerate organic growth.

Adjusted EBITA margin 12.3 percent

Adjusted EBITA margin 12.5 percent

Adjusted EBITA margin 10.8 percent

Adjusted EBITA margin 6.3 percent

Continue to increase profitability across all business areas by deploying best practices and exploiting innovations and new technologies.

Order backlog NOK 19.4 BN

Order backlog NOK 18.0 BN

Order backlog NOK 20.8 BN

Order backlog NOK 17.1 BN

Attract, develop and retain the most highly motivated, committed and skilled employees in the industry.

Employee satisfaction 81.7 points

Employee satisfaction 81.6 points

Employee satisfaction 80.1 points

Employee satisfaction 75.4 points