CEO letter

Collaboration is the key to success

EVRY has come a long way in terms of repositioning itself from an IT service provider into a business partner that creates digital advantage for, and together with, its customers. In 2018, EVRY took new and important steps to address the changes taking place in the market, and we see significant potential for the company in the years ahead.

Two big waves are closing in on the global IT landscape. The first wave, which has already reached us, is about efficiency improvements, standardisation and automation. Large global providers and scalable cloud services are creating stiff competition in infrastructure services. This means that the transaction-oriented aspect of the IT industry is becoming a mature market that is growing slowly and offering decreasing margins. The next wave, which is racing toward the shore, is based on disruptive technology and how this can create greater business value by radically changing the value propositions, processes and business models of our customers.

A business partner for digital transformation

In the face of these waves, we have chartered a new course. Instead of continuing as an IT services company primarily focused on scale and cost efficiency, we are working toward becoming a business partner for our customers. EVRY’s knowledge of business, technology, customers and markets is enabling new value creation. In 2018 we worked on shifting our focus from transaction-based IT services to value-based services that offer greater profitability. We have increased our use of disruptive technology, and are combining robotics, artificial intelligence and analytics, among other technologies, to support our customers’ businesses.

Understanding business as well as technology will be an important requirement for our journey over the coming years. EVRY is committed to being a partner for value creation and to contributing to the digitalisation of the Nordic region. We will also seek, in conjunction with our partners, to deliver the infrastructure services needed to make this possible.

Evry embraces diversity

Our most important priority for the coming years is to ensure that our employees have the right expertise for us to be relevant to our customers. We need to attract the right people and to ensure that EVRY becomes one of the best places to work in the Nordic region. A number of studies have emphasised the fact that companies with significant diversity are more successful. I think that the reason for this is that diversity means you can mirror your customers to a greater extent. Understanding each other better enhances the conditions for value creation. We are therefore recruiting skilled people in a range of professions with backgrounds that are relevant to our customers. This is enabling us to offer customer teams that are varied in terms of their educational background, expertise, experiences, age, gender and cultural heritages.

“EVRY is committed to being the Nordic alternative: close by, easy to work with, transparent with its customers and capable.”

Per Hove


A knowledge intensive organisation

EVRY is a knowledge business, so access to leading technology and industry expertise is business-critical for us. We are building the weight of expertise needed to digitalise the Nordic region. By recruiting the right people and developing our employees’ expertise, we can deliver comprehensive, future- oriented solutions that benefit key sections of business and industry as well as society as a whole. One of the major challenges for success going forward will be winning the battle for talent. EVRY has therefore established strong collaborations with educational institutions. We invested heavily in our workforce in 2018, and this included us taking our own medicine and launching cognitive HR for both recruitment and competence development. Using robotics to carry out personality and game-based ability assessments means we can screen candidates objectively, and this is making the recruitment process more efficient and helping us to select the right people. Our solution, which we are now delivering to a number of customers, is helping us to employ more women. 40 percent of the new graduates we recruited in 2018 were women.

A leading nordic consulting company

Investment in technology is increasingly being managed directly by companies’ business units, and we now talk directly to the managers of business units to an increasing degree. This means that we need to be experts in how new technology can create advantages in the industries on which we have chosen to focus. In 2018, we hired around 800 new employees in Norway and Sweden, which has helped give us the injection of expertise we need to meet our customers’ digital needs.

We are now setting up seven Nordic-wide areas of expertise to provide bigger and better specialist environments for our consultants: Digital Experience, Business Consulting, Business Applications, Cloud & Infrastructure, Application Innovation, Security & Risk, and Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Insight. This will strengthen our collaboration across national borders and enable us to better respond to customer needs.

Closer to the customer’s business

In order to become a business partner to our customers, we need to be familiar with the reality in which they operate. Greater industry focus is therefore essential. Over a period of many years, we have built up significant expertise in the financial sector, and this benefits both our customers and us. Our ambition going forward is to use this success as a source of inspiration for building more strong industry segments where we can be the leading player in the Nordic region in terms of our expertise and solutions. In the public and healthcare sectors, we already have a strong position that we are building on further. We also have a significant focus on retail and logistics, industrial and service companies, and small and medium-sized businesses.

We are working actively to internationalise our Nordic solutions. One of the strategic agreements we entered into in 2018 was with Handelsbanken in Finland, which has selected our new platform for core banking and payment solutions. We also won an agreement to deliver our ATM services to Geldmaat in the Netherlands. Geldmaat is a joint venture between ABN AMRO Bank, ING Bank and Rabobank. We also entered into an agreement to deliver systems and services for all of Bankomat’s 1 800 ATMs in Sweden.

“Having internal mentors means I always have someone to discuss ideas with and test messages on. This helps me to see things from a different perspective. I also benefit from the continual feedback they give me when I give presentations or speeches.”

Per Hove


A partner-centric approach

Digitalisation is continuing at full strength. EVRY’s potential as a business partner for Nordic companies and their digital journeys is significant. How well we work together internally and with our external collaboration partners will be crucial to our future success. Our ecosystem of global partners such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon, as well as our various local specialist partners, represent important building blocks for the future. Our primary value proposition consists of combining the technology and expertise of our collaboration partners with our local presence, business understanding and know-how – for the benefit of our customers.

We do not intend to develop the kind of platforms that we offer for the banking sector for other sectors, but we will be working closely with the best suppliers in their fields and will be expanding our ecosystem of collaboration partners. This will enable us to provide good advice about what is best in each individual case.

The Oslo mentors: Jostein Prytz, a Junior Consultant at EVRY Norway, and Benedicte Aase Vabø, a Development Manager at EVRY Financial Services, are mentors to Per Hove.

The nordic alternative

Going forward, we will make the most of our Nordic strength and will work across national borders to a greater extent to do things on a larger scale. We will also work in a more integrated way and will capitalise on the uniqueness of being Nordic. EVRY has a local presence and is close to its customers, and it can process their data safely and securely in the Nordic region. These factors are important to creating genuine value for customers and differentiate us from global companies.

EVRY is committed to being the Nordic alternative: close by, easy to work with, transparent with its customers and capable.

Per Hove

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)